Effectively navigating the people side of change is critical to the successful implementation of organizational, IT and cultural change initiatives.  Our seasoned change management experts will help you manage the turbulent waters of implement change.

Depending on your requirements, we can assist you with change management training, coaching and on-site support. By applying our step-by-step change roadmap and expertise, we can assist you to identify key change risks and implement a plan to overcome them.

Change Implementation
Assessing and responding proactively to the concerns and issues of people being impacted has helped us implement a wide-range of change initatives. Using our step-by-step change roadmap, we help you implement key strategies to communicate, gain buy-in and achieve your change goals.

Our expertise across industries and within traditional and Agile project environments enables us to align leadership to support the change and engage impacted stakeholders. By working directly with your leaders and staff we can overcome resistance and ensure that people are ready and able to implement and sustain the changes long-term.

Change Coaching
As a Manager, HR advisor or internal Change Lead, you likely have had some change management training but still feel uncertain about what to do and how to manage a larger change implementation or rollout. Our in-depth experience implementing change enables us to guide and support you at each step in the change process.

Our professiional coaches start with an in-depth assessment of your change management background, skills and experience. Then depending on your needs, we guide and support you through implementing a current change initiative. This action learning approach moves change from concepts and theories to a series of applied learnings that you can use to be successful in future change efforts.

Change Training
Change management, like change itself, is quickly becoming a major business priority for most managers and organizations. Having an experienced practitioner walk you through a step-by-step roadmap on the “how-to’s” of change management has helped hundreds of managers and HR practitioners.

Leadership support consistently comes up as the most critical change success factor or “change lever”. We offer a range of executive briefing, leadership alignment and training options to help leaders communicate, overcome resistance and support their people at each step in the change process. We provide HR, IT and other internal change resources with the tools they need to ensure that people are ready and able to implement changes.