Build CM Capability using a Change Coach

Most organizations (70% of CEOs) are  better ways to engage the organization and implement changes quickly and with minimal disruption.  Simply communicating the reasons for the change and training people in the new way of doing things is no longer enough.

Often someone from the project team or HR is assigned the job of “Change Lead” and then sent off for a week of training – often PROSCI training.  When they get back  with a binder full of change tools and a lot of enthusiasm it quickly becomes apparent that asking someone with 3 or 5 days of training to manage the the people side of change)on their own is both risky and stressful.

Many organizations are turning to a Change Coach as a way to accelerate the Change Leads learning while providing a safety net for business critical projects.

The Change Lead does the hands-on work of meeting with the impacted Department Managers, leading their Change Champion Network meetings, facilitating employee problem solving sessions and more. The Coach provides key guidelines, tips and suggestions on what to expect and how to manage potential issues.

Following each of these sessions we debriefed what happened, analyzed how the responses impacted our overall change strategy and generated key learnings. We then discussed options for what to do next and what change tools might be most effective. In addition, at the end of each month we prepared a monthly scorecard and update to the Senior Management Team and Project Steering Committee.
It felt like a team effort with the HR adviser leading the change effort and my supporting them at each step in the process.
By combining the learning of change methods and working on a real-time change effort, I was able to accelerate their learning using an action learning approach (Kolb).
Not only did the project do well – with a responsive and supporting change strategy – but the Change Lead learned what it takes to gain the buy-in of employee and manage resistance in the real world.
In the end the results were amazing. Employee willingness to engage went steadily up and HR learned from the experience.
The experience enabled them to tackle the next project mostly on their own. The organization was successful in building the capability they needed with minimal outside help and without a new hire.
Would a Change Coach help your organization build capacity while ensuring the success of a business critical change?