Change Management Coaching Services 

Whether you are a executive, director, general manger, department manager or front-line leader, we will provide you with the guidance and coaching you need to assess, plan and implement a current change. 

 Depending on your progress to date, our certified change coaches will provide you with the tools you need when you need them.   Discussions, explanations and case examples will enable you to deepen your understanding and ability to apply change management methods and strategies in the current and future change management efforts. 

We will equip and assist you to complete an:  


Organizational Readiness Assessment

We will help you to assess your organization’s change readiness, risks and challenges as the basis for raising awareness, aligning the organization and engaging leaders in the change effort.   


Change Management Strategy and Plan

We will help you to develop a change strategy and plan that will enable you to engage your organization and overcome the immediate risks and barriers to implementing a change.   


Stakeholder Communications

We will coach you to determine who your key stakeholders are, their core issues and how best to communicate and engage them in the understanding and supporting the change effort.   


Change Champion Network

We will coach you select and orient a representative group of leaders and employees from impacted departments who will assess progress, provide feedback and offer suggestions. 


Department Engagement

We will coach you to engage each impacted department, assess staff issues and implement plans to build change buy-in, department readiness and ensure ongoing sustainment of the changes. 


Roll-Out Support

We will coach you to plan and ensure that employee start-up problems are identified, logged and responded to fully and quickly by knowledgeable SME’s, project team members and local leaders.    


Sustainment Plan

We will coach you to to fully integrate changes into the policies, practices, rewards and performance management systems of the organization in order to make change stick.


Change Scorecard

We will coach you to develop a change scorecard in order to report change progress, emerging issues and actions to ensure people are ready, willing and able to implement a change.