Change Management Roadmap

We follow a proven set of best practice methods and tools then customize the strategy to respond to the unique situation and challenges of our clients.

A typical project would follow these steps and stages:


Change Readiness Assessment

We start with Sr. Management Team interviews to assess the organization’s change goals, rationale, history, impacts and actions to date to implement the current change. The result is a summary report of the organization’s readiness and risks to the success of the current initiative.


Change Strategy Alignment

Facilitation of a Sr. /Department workshop to discuss the Change Readiness Assessment results and build alignment on the current change goals, rationale, structure and roles, strategies and actions. Results in an agreed upon plan to ensure employee buy-in, prepare and are fully ready prior to the change implementation.


Change Communications

Communications are critical and need to start at the project outset and continue throughout.  Regular updates, info sessions, Town Halls, demo’s, posters and intra-net postings all intended to inform and respond to employee issues and concerns.  The result is a continual source of information to keep everyone aware and understanding what is happening and what is upcoming in the implementation process.  


Change Champion Network

A representative group of employees from impacted work groups.  The network meet monthly to assess progress, provide feedback on new and emerging end user issues and concerns and make suggestions on actions to resolve issues. They will also provide support and assist with their department change communications and engagement activities.


Department Engagement Initiatives

Starting with a review of Department change impacts, each impacted Department Leader Team will establish a monthly plan to assess staff progress, identify new and emerging staff issues and implement plans to support staff and respond to their issues.  The result is department specific change actions and tracking of employee change progress.


Implementation Support Plan

A plan to ensure that employee problems or issues following the roll-out of the change are identified, logged and responded to quickly.   Whether through on-line reference materials, work aides, a project war room and leader coaching, the key is to provide quick answers and apply a corrective action strategy and update process to resolve and prevent end user start-up problems. 


Sustainment Plan

One of the problems with past change efforts has been the lack of follow through and support for impacted groups and employees.  Fully integrating the changes into the policies, practices, rewards and performance management systems of the organization is critical to ensure the changes stick.  The result is the ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement of the changes to ensure maximum results and improvements.


Change Scorecard Review

The development of a Change Scorecard based on the progression of impacted work groups  along a continuum from understanding, to understanding, to acceptance, to readiness, to adoption and sustainment of the changes.  The result is a monthly assessment and reporting of the organization’s progress, emerging issues and actions to ensure people are ready, willing and able to implement a change.