ERP Change Management Support

Ensure successful ERP Implementations by adding an experienced Change Management expert to your Project Team.

Studies by Garnter Group and KPMG show that 87% of ERP failures are because of end user adoption issues, not technology issues.

PDI CM Solutions accelerates your ERP Success

We ensure that people issues are effectively managed and quickly resolved at each step in the project. We work closely with the Project Sponsor, Team and key Stakeholders to build a high level of change acceptance  and adoption.

Project Teams are expert at determining and fulfilling the technical requirements of ERP projects.  Change Management experts have methods and tools to work with the people issues.  Ensuring that people are fully on-board and able to implement a new system is often the Achilles heel of technical change projects.

The graph (above) from Benchmarking Partners shows that 50% of project failures are the result of the People versus the Process, Technology or Knowledge issues. (click to expand).

The Change Roadmap moves end users up the Change Adoption Curve to ensure full Change  Readiness prior to roll-out and Sustainability in the future.

Assess your Risk

For your project rate these as L/M/H

  • How much of your success depends on end user buy-in and adoption?
  • How likely is it that past change issues/resistance will reappear?
  • What is the risk level if mid and front-line leaders are not on-board?
  • What is the risk level if impacted employees do not buy-in?
  • How critical is it that you have a detailed change strategy and plan?
  • What is the business risk if the IT/ERP project is delayed or fails?

If 3 or more factors are rated as M or H your project may be at risk


Our Approach

Our goal is simple – we increase the likelihood of ERP success by adding Change Management best practices to your current plan and resources. 

We reduce the risk of ERP failure -by proactively assessing and resolving people related issues before they become large and costly.

We leverage your resources – by coaching you, your Change Leads and Champions to manage key issues as they arise.

We equip your leaders – with the knowledge, skills and tools to guide their people through the stages of Personal Transition.

We take both a pre-emptive and responsive approach –by focusing on building relationships, collaboration and teamwork as keys to your success

We persist from the project start to the final sign-off – we believe change starts with the decision to implement an ERP and continues through implementation until the new system is delivering the promised results.

Did you know?

When IT executives were asked what was their biggest regret after an ERP Implementation the lack of Organizational Change Management was identified by nearly half.