ERP systems are implemented to improve internal business processes and overall business performance. They also  reduce labor costs, IT expenses and improve interactions between staff and companies.

Leveraging the appropriate technology tools to reach those goals is an ongoing effort and key to success. But deploying new technology alone does not guarantee that the organization is improved and operating at its optimum.

Forward thinking organizations realize that Change management must be a part of the ERP implementation in order to achieve improved operations and reach the desired future.

Without Change Management you can end up with a great ERP system that no one uses – and that’s not going to help your business

Leaders and Technology experts understand the benefits but the front line users who have to change how they do things are quite comfortable with the way things are.  The system they use works, its comfortable, they have informal person to person ways of getting things done and they know that there will be a learning curve for the new system.

Typically ERP implementations include training and communication blasts – which inform the end users but don’t engage them.   People say the right things but adoption of the new system is slower than the transition team would like, leaders are frustrated at how much of their time its taking and the implementation team is spending a lot of time fighting fires.

Organizations may be reluctant to adding Change Management to an already complicated project – and that makes sense.  Its one of the reasons we use a responsive Change Coaching approach.

Change Coaching means we bring in an experience Change Manager to work with your internal resources and project teams to add the specific change activities needed to move your implementation forward.  We find the roots of issues and work with a network of key early adopters to build support from the ground up.   We work with leaders to ensure that the future vision is understood and turned into action.

ERP Change Coaching is appropriate for organizations implementing an ERP system and is a value add service offered by organizations offering ERP implementation services.