Change Is Difficult

Change Management Doesn’t Need to be


Cutting Through the Complexity of Change Management

Do you really need Change Management?  Despite studies that show CM provides faster implementation, decreased resistance, lower costs and higher success rates many organizations choose to go without – hoping that communication and training will be enough.   The result is costly delays due to the lack of acceptance and adoption of the change.

PDI Change Management Solutions fills the gap between expensive full time CM and going without experienced CM at all.   We can:


Provide a part-time Change expert

to ensure a successful, sustainable implementation.

Support new systems implementation

to boost engagement, decrease resistance and successfully go live.

Coach your internal change advisers

to decrease risk in a live project and build internal capacity

Train change sponsors and leaders

to build their ability to support their teams through change..

Change Management Expert

Adding a part-time Change Management professional to your project significantly reduces your risk.  Our adaptive approach develops  your change capability while ensuring the achievement of your change goals.  See our Change Roadmap for a detailed overview of our approach.

New systems Implementation Support

 We ensure the successful Implementation new technology and operating systems by adding an experienced Change Management expert to your Project Team. Our experts help you remove barriers and build a high level of change readiness and adoption.

In-House Change Advisor Coaching

 We understand the need to build in-house Change expertise while avoiding the risk of a current change project get into trouble. You can do both by adding a Change Coach to the mix.  A few days a month with an experienced Change Coach improves the changes of success by 500%.

Leader Training and Support

We offer a range of executive briefing, change methods and tools and change implementation training options to help leaders communicate, overcome resistance and support their people through change.  Change methods and tools that can be immediately applied to a current change initiative.