PDI Change Management Solutions


We are a network of experienced change management professionals

As an associate network, we bring a wide-range of knowledge and skill to help achieve our clients change goals and future success.
Every PDI Consultant has over 20 years experience. We have been there and done that.  Some are long time consultants other are retired HR or Change executives.
The mix of skills that we bring include: change management, organizational development, leadership training, employee engagement, continuous improvement, large and small group facilitation and performance coaching.  
We have designed a change roadmap to guide our clients through the complexity of change.  This simple but comprehensive step by step model ensures that no important step is missed.  We customize the roadmap to fit your specific needs.
We draw from best practices of many of the leading change  methodologies including Prosci/ADKAR, John Kotter, Daryl Connor and William Bridges and others.


Our Clients

PDI Change Management Solutions works with companies who are implementing significant organizational, process and IT/ERP system changes.  

Our clients cut across sectors and range from large to small organizations.  We have helped companies and government organizations implement organizational restructurings, new work systems, business strategy shifts, IT and ERP systems, acquisitions and culture changes.

Bruce Craig

Principal/Sr. Consultant

ProSci Certified Change Practitioner

Bruce is a hands-on change management practitioner with extensive experience applying change management methods to organizational and systems changes. His focus on coaching leaders and resolving end user resistance has resulted in the acceleration of change buy-in, adoption and utilization.
His structured change approach includes: conducting leadership alignment, readiness assessment and change impact analysis sessions, developing communication and employee engagement plans and managing stakeholder issues and concerns.
His expertise includes implementing large systems change projects including: ERP, SAP, HRMS, JD Edwards and Guidewire. He has been a member and adviser to numerous IT project teams including several working with agile methods.

Sharon Quarrington

Associate/Sr. Consultant

Sharon’s is a highly experienced leadership trainer and advisor. She has worked with Staples, Canon, Kraft Food, McKenzie Financial and Sandvine, as well as the Ontario government to increase leadership awareness and skills. Her design of off-site team building and change implementation workshops has increased communication, alignment and collaboration within business units and Branches of government.

Her change management work has focused on helping leaders communicate, set clear boundaries, balance directive and collaborative styles of leadership and delegate authority to take action within a clear accountability framework.

Frank Newman

Associate/Sr. Consultant

Frank is an HR professional who has led significant business change initiatives. He is a Certified Human Resources Leader who has the ability to work top down and on the shop floor simultaneously, creatively developing end to end solutions for people engagement and business success. He builds credibility with internal teams from front line staff to executive level decision makers.
With a dual focus on increasing employee engagement and HR effectiveness, his work has led to the creation of strong positive business cultures and efficient HR organizations.
His extensive experience as both a Human Resources Specialist (Total Rewards, Talent Management), and as a Strategic HR Business Partner, has built his reputation as a trusted problem solver who can diagnose and lead businesses through complex multi-year initiatives, often through challenging business cycles.