Leader Training and Support

Change management success depends on leaders being able to navigate their people through the many aspects of planning, communicating, adopting and sustaining new systems, processes and ways of working.  A lack of effective leadership support is a leading cause of troubled change efforts.

We train leaders to understand the core concepts and activities to implement an effective change management plan.  Change tools are featured including how to assess the impact of changes, identify stakeholders, develop a communication plan and ensure that impacted employees are involved at each step in the change process.  Change implementation is smoother and more effective when leaders at all levels know their role and how to support the transformation effort.  

We can customize our change management training programs based on your needs and past history with implementing change.  Our specialty is building programs that include case examples, in-depth discussions, application exercises and working assignments that relate to the success of a current change effort.

Follow-up coaching is critical to our learning strategy.  One-on-one sessions with leaders helps us assess their understanding and provide expert advise on how to manage the people issues that are putting a current change initiative at risk.  Using an experiential learning approach our change experts help ensure that participants are able to apply the key concenpts and tools that they have learned in the classroom.  


Ways that we help Leaders include:

Executive Briefings

A 2 hour Senior Management Team overview of change management concepts, our Change Roadmap, Stakeholder impact, the business case for Change, the need for leader alignment and employee engagement and how-to ensure a successful change implementation.


Leadership Alignment Workshop

A workshop for Department Directors and Managers on the core concepts and steps in the Change Roadmap, an assessment of their Change Management challenges, an understanding of how people experience change and their critical role in engaging and guiding them.

Change Lead and Advisor Workshop

A workshop for internal change leads and advisers on how-to assess change risks, develop a change plan and support clients through the change process.  Being able to work with stakeholders and analyze the root cause of resistance is critical to ensuring an effective, speedy response.  Ensuring end users understand, support and are prepared to implement and sustain changes is the primary goal of our change adviser training programs. 

Change Champion Training  

A workshop to help department and department or site Change Champions understand the overall change roadmap, the rationale and core activities of change management and their role as Change Champions.  We will build a set of guidelines for how they will work together and implement the change.