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Executive Team Development

We assist senior leadership and executive teams to develop shared goals , improve communications, build trust, clarify roles and resolve misunderstandings and differences.  Helping senior teams move out of silos, understand individual communication and leadership styles and manage difficult conversations can help them align their efforts, improve cooperation, gain agreement on key business and improvement initiatives and work more collaboratively.

Work and Project Team Start-Up and Effectiveness

We train work unit and project leaders and conduct team workshops on how to align teams to a common goal, write team charters, clarify team roles and authorities, develop team norms and operating guidelines, solve problems, manage difficult behaviours and facilitate short, productive meetings.  Our team effectiveness survey is key to determining the key strengths and developmental priorities of existing teams.

Managing the People Side of Change

We coach and train senior managers, project managers and front-line supervisors on how to assess the impact of changes, identify the key sources of stakeholder concern and resistance, develop change strategies and plans to gain the buy-in and active support of employees being impacted.  We ensure that people are ready, willing and able to implement and sustained planned change initiatives.  Our services include developing communication, training, employee involvement and sustainment plans to ensure that change is successful at launch and long-term.

Employee Engagement in Continuous Improvement

We coach and train managers and leaders on core strategies and tools to set up an employee engagement in CI program within their departments and work groups.  The program involves intact work groups and their leaders in mapping their key work processes, identifying issues and improvement goals, generating improvement ideas, reviewing the proposed solutions, implementing the agreed to changes and measuring the impact and results achieved.

Facilitation of Meetings and Off-Sites 

We design and facilitate highly engaging and productive future visioning, strategic planning, team development and action planning meetings and off-sites.  Based on your goals and the size of the group – we conduct large (40 to 200 participant) and small group working sessions that focus on participant issues, ideas, improvement priorities and actions. Difficult conversations are managed through establish meeting ground rules, clarifying intent, ensuring full and respectful listening and having two-way collaborative conversations