Leadership Training that Drives Business Results

Bridging the Leadership Gap

There is a gap in Leadership development that may be robbing you of the performance increases your organization deserves.


The gap is between the Ideas included in a Training program and the new Actions your Leaders show when they get back.  Far too often training $ spent don’t transfer into actual Performance improvement. Your biggest expense is your leader’s time – spend it wisely and ensure that your training investment has immediate impact

Research shows that there are Four things that MUST happen for Leaders to actually USE their learning:

  • Consistent Leadership Culture   – training a few people has limited impact. A consistent set of leadership behaviours practiced from top-to-bottom will reinforce the kind of culture you want.  A consistent culture starts at the top – which is why we include your senior team in planning Leadership Development.
  • Quality over Quantity – The only learning that matters is what is remembered and used the next day.  By focusing on the key skills most important to your leaders and giving them time to practice those skills your leaders will remember and use their new skills.
  • Simulate your Situation – Most training is aimed at the “average” leader – and there is no such thing – your leaders need to practice using scenarios that match your specific situation – and learn from others who have faced the same challenges.
  • Planned Follow up – Trying out new skills is not easy in a busy work environment, which is why most leaders fall back to old patterns.  Planning for follow up is  a key part of any good training plan.  Together we will plan the best option for your leadership development initiative..

If every Leader in your organization could participate in an onsite, results focused
leadership program led by trainers with over 20 years of industry experience
what difference would it make?
To your customers?  To your front line staff?  To your bottom line?

Cost Effective In-House Training

We offer full and half day workshops based on your coverage requirements and maximize your Return on Investment by customizing our existing training materials.  Holding training onsite minimizes time away from the job and eliminates the cost of outside facilities.  Many customers are able to provide instructor led training to their entire leadership team for what they would have spent sending a few leaders offsite.

Customized to Your Business Needs

We work with you to align leader development with your business goals and people management challenges.  Together we create case examples that focus on situations your leaders face every day.

Our Learning Approach Features:

  • Skill Building – practical, step by step tools that your leaders can use immediately
  • Interactive dialogue – ensures that participation and retention is high
  • Experiential learning to build competency in new skills.
  • Participant case examples -real solutions to real problems – not someone else’s case study
  • Follow-up coaching (optional) – learning doesn’t stop when the class is over – follow-up phone or on-site coaching will deepen the learning.