Leadership Training Program List

Which of these topics do you think would be the best place to start?

Transitioning to Leadership

This course prepares leaders for their new challenges and responsibilities. Make the transition from a great “performer” to a leader who others respect and want to follow.  .

Relationships that Work

Your greatest asset as a leader is the ability to build effective working relationships. See how assumptions and mindsets get the way.  Use listening and inquiry to deepen understanding and build relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Communicating with Different Styles

Become a more impactful and effective leader.  Learn how to adapt your approach and communicate across differences in styles and thinking.  Identify and overcome your blind spots.

Managing Difficult Conversations

One of the most difficult issues for leaders is communicating critical or difficult messages.  Learn how to prepare, approach and manage difficult conversations and conflict.

Conflict Resolution

Understand how you and others respond to conflict.  Learn how to approach conflict in a positive and confident manner.  Practice key steps and skills to engage others and resolve conflicts in a win-win manner.

Influence without Authority

Learn how to positively influence others and get things done.  Gain the buy-in of others to changes and new ideas.  Express yourself in a way that gets the attention, support and engagement of others.

Performance Management and Accountability

Communicate clear direction, set boundaries, provide performance feedback and coach your people based on the results they are achieving.  Learn to hold people accountable and improve performance.

Managing the People Side of Change

Change is a constant.  Learn how to communicate, assess the impact, plan and help people transition through the disruptions and difficulties of change.  Engage your people in making change a positive experience.

Building High Performance Teams

Teamwork is essential for work groups and organizations to be successful.  Learn how to define the team’s mission, set behaviour norms and ground rules, establish operating procedures and facilitate team meetings.

Facilitating Team Meetings

Planning team meeting agendas, engaging participants, leading discussions, keeping on-track, problem solving, and decision making all require effective facilitation skills.  Learn to develop trust, apply team norms, develop shared goals, build cohesion and facilitate meetings.

Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator is an extraordinary and memorable experience.  Understand how your leadership behaviours impact the people you work with. Receive real-time feedback that allows you to test and alter your approach to how you lead people.