Executive Team Process

Phase I: Individual Leadership Style and Impact Assessment

  • Leadership Style Assessment (Myers-Briggs, Social Styles, DISC)
  • 360 Feedback Assessment
  • 1-1 Feedback and Coaching
  • Leadership Team Review of Individual Styles

Phase II: Executive Team Effectiveness Assessment

  • Team Effectiveness On-line Survey
  • Team Development Stages Assessment
  • 180 Feedback on Team Effectiveness and Impact
  • Focus Group Manager and Staff Feedback

Phase III: Executive Team Development Strategies

  • Team Mission, Vision and Core Values
  • Team Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities (RACI)
  • Team Behavioural Norms and Operating Procedures
  • Team Problem Solving and Issue Resolution Procedures

Phase IV: Organizational Effectiveness Strategies

  • Leadership Beliefs and Philosophy
  • Leadership Strategy, Behaviours and Culture
  • Organizational Communication and Engagement Strategies
  • Organizational Change Management Strategies and Practices