About Us

Participative Designs helps organizations to proactively identify and mitigate the people issues and sources of resistance that can slow down, delay or undermine the implementation of new systems, processes and methods. We partner with our clients to ensure that their people are ready, willing and able to in implement a change while keeping you and the project team on-track and on-schedule.
We understand that Project Sponsors and Teams need to move quickly and are concerned about delays. They need someone who can ensure that the people impacted understand and are prepared to implement the change according to the project schedule.
Our agile change implementation approach enables us to quickly align your leadership team to the change goals, benefits and timelines. With their support we will facilitate ongoing check-ins with employees on their level understanding, acceptance and readiness to implement the change. Immediate responses and support can then be implemented to keep everyone on-track.
Not using change management can result in increased resistance and cost companies millions of dollars in delays, errors and the underutilization of new systems and methods. Not communicating effectively, particularly at the early stages of a change initiative can leave people confused, uncertain and more resistant. Failure to properly train and support people through change can cause significant performance problems during the initial start-up period.
By investing in change management expertise, you will avoid the pitfalls of over 50% of the companies who fail to achieve their change objectives. We can deliver on the people side of change in a way that will accelerate the overall implementation and ensure a smooth, efficient operations post change.