Is a Change Partner a Right for You? bruce

Our  are highly experienced Change Partners are committed to ensuring that your change is implemented quickly with the maximum support of your people.  We can coach and assist project sponsors, leaders and teams to accelerate the understanding, acceptance and readiness of those impacted by a change.  Our step-by-step change roadmap and tools help when you are facing a larger, more complex change or when you are facing a significant level of uncertainty, grumbling and resistance to a change.

Many larger organizations have a dedicated change management office (CMO) with certified change management professionals.  As a small or medium size organization you may want to bring in a Change Partner to act as your external change management office (CMO).  As an external resource, we can provide input, assess needs and support your internal resources as needed.  What we do can vary from helping you to communicate change, identify employee concerns, overcome resistance, prepare change plans, coach leaders, advise project teams, ensure people are on-board or make change stick based on your needs and requirements.

We have accelerated the speed of change implementation, built highly committed internal change networks, reduced delays and exceeded the hoped for ROI of changes through engaging those impacted in the planning and implementation of critical change initiatives.  Our experience cuts across sectors including: banking, technology, manufacturing, health care, community services and government.  Regardless of your business or situation we can assist you to manage the people issues, remove barriers and speed up the implementation of new strategies, methods and tools.