Canada-Ontario Job Grants

Are your Leaders in need of Training?    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Government would help pay for it?  They can!

The Canada-Ontario Job Grants (COJG) provides direct financial support for employers – small and medium businesses to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees.
This grant program provides direct financial support for employers who wish to purchase training for their their workforce.  Employers choose the individuals they want to train and the training that meets their workforce development needs.

Key Points:

  1. The Government provides up to $10,000 per person for training costs.
  2. Employers must contribute 1/3 of the total costs
  3. Training must be fully delivered within a 12 month time frame
  4. Training can be delivered in one or multiple module programs
  5. Training must be be delivered by an eligible third party trainer.
  6. Employers must apply on-line in order for funding to be considered.

Eligible Training:

  1. Upgrades to the knowledge, skills and ability of employees
  2. Maintenance of specialized subject-matter knowledge
  3. Specialized operator or technical knowledge
  4. Management, leadership and business skills
  5. Essential skills for work, learning and life

PDI has several programs that are ideally suited for the Canada-Ontario Job grant.

  • High Potential Leader Training
  • Front-Line Leader Training
  • Performance Management and Coaching Training
  • Foundations of Leadership Training
  • Change Management Leader Training
  • Team Leader Training

.We can also customize a program specifically for your organization that will require only one COJG application to provide a full year of development that will ensure your organization has the leaders you need to ensure success today and tomorrow.

Click here to download PDI`s brochure for Canada-Ontario Job Grant:

Example of a Brochure

PDI will provide you with the forms you need and guide you through the application process.

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